Adding your own Form to Jiwa

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Adding your own Form to Jiwa

Postby Mike.Sheen » Mon Oct 19, 2009 3:41 pm

You can extend Jiwa by developing your own forms.

This post will show you how to do this by providing a light version of the debtor maintenance form source code. The form is a fully functional MDI child - you can create, edit and delete debtors using it, and navigate and search. The form uses the standard Jiwa Debtor business logic to achieve this.

You are going to need a few things first.

1. 06.05.13 of Jiwa installed
2. Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 SP6
3. The 3rd party control Farpoint Spread 7.0.46
4. The 3rd party control devcomponents MDIExtender

Attached to this post is the source code for the form, plus the trial version of the 3rd party component MDIExtender. Contact the manufacturer for the full version.

The Farpoint Spread installer is too big to post here, so visit for a trial version (you want version 7.0.46 or later)

I'm not going to go into any great detail on the mechanics, as getting the code running and examining it first hand is probably more beneficial. Any questions can be posted here.

Once you have all the components installed, the instructions are as follows

1. Compile the source project, with the output folder of C:\Program Files\Jiwa Financials\Jiwa
2. Run the following SQL Script
SELECT LEFT(REPLACE(NewID(), '-', ''), 20),
'Sample debtor maintenance form',

This will create the Form entry. I've gone with a Form No. of 30000, but any unused one in SY_Forms will suffice

3. Open Jiwa and add the form to the menu - the form name is "Sample debtor maintenance form" as per the script above.

4. Open Role Maintenance and edit the Administrator role - under the "Other" node of the form permissions, grant read+write access to our new form. You can make the form appear under any node you like (even your own) by inserting the correct SY_FormSectionLinks record.

5. From the menu, open the form. It should operate as you expect.
3rd party component MDIExtender
(347.11 KiB) Downloaded 153 times
VB6 Source code for sample form
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Re: Adding your own Form to Jiwa

Postby SBarnes » Thu Apr 21, 2016 12:13 pm

Hi Mike,

Is there a way to do this using .net, by this I mean hook up a .net form that could be used in 6.5.13, I need to create someting that will work under Jiwa 6.5.13 but would be able to be then reworked for Jiwa 7 within the next 12 monthes, my main concern is getting access to the database under 6 or 7 and then using the infragistics controls to create something that looks 7 like but will at least in the short term operate in 6.5.13?
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