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Re: Send Message using Notification service

PostPosted: Wed Feb 26, 2020 7:57 am
by SBarnes
Hi Mike and Scott

Firstly Mike on the reported bug I don't need anything done, I was just letting you know it was there.

With regards to hyperlink not working, we were going down the wrong track in that it's in the lister screen that it's actually not working, interestingly though on the same machine and the same demo database the sales order sample included works.

What I have discovered by actually working in the plugin and launching the debugger I now know why its not working and that is because the URL coming through is

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{res://ieframe.dll/unknownprotocol.htm#jiwa:JiwaFinancials.Jiwa.JiwaJournalSetsUI.MainForm, b9071863d42b4a949e2d}

and the fragment is

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Which I suppose comes back to somehow the code that is inserting the hyperlink is wrong which is where I need some help.

Below is the code that sends the todo

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  private void SendInternalMessage(Manager manager, List<string> toList, string string1, string string2, JournalSet oJournal)
            foreach (string usr   in toList)
                JiwaFinancials.Jiwa.JiwaApplication.JiwaToDos.ToDo toDo = manager.BusinessLogicFactory.CreateBusinessLogic<JiwaFinancials.Jiwa.JiwaApplication.JiwaToDos.ToDo>(null);
                toDo.Subject = String.Format("Wages Journal Set {0} created.", oJournal.SetNo);

                toDo.Body = "<A id=" + oJournal.RecID + " href = \"jiwa:JiwaFinancials.Jiwa.JiwaJournalSetsUI.MainForm, " +
                    oJournal.RecID + "\"> Journal Set " + oJournal.SetNo + "</A>";

                toDo.ReminderPredefinedSetting = JiwaFinancials.Jiwa.JiwaApplication.JiwaToDos.ToDo.ReminderPredefinedSettingType.WhenDue;
                toDo.ReminderSpecificDateTime = DateTime.Now;
                toDo.ReminderEnabled = true;

Re: Send Message using Notification service  Topic is solved

PostPosted: Wed Feb 26, 2020 11:31 am
by Scott.Pearce
Your journal set recid is invalid in the href link. Try "b9071863d42b4a949e2d" instead of " b9071863d42b4a949e2d". The space at the start matters as the URL components are split by ",".

Re: Send Message using Notification service

PostPosted: Wed Feb 26, 2020 12:05 pm
by SBarnes
Thanks Scott that fixed it.