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Discussions relating to plugin development, and the Jiwa API.

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Postby Mike.Sheen » Wed May 28, 2014 9:44 pm


We encourage the posting of technical questions here - but there is a few key points to keep in mind to protect yourself and your customers privacy, and to assist us in helping you.

  • Don't post code or information containing information that should not be public (ie: logins or passwords, customer names) - mask this when appropriate
  • Don't post information regarded as intellectual property - try to simplify the code to be generic and related to the specific problem you are trying to solve
  • Do supply the version of Jiwa you are targeting
  • Do supply the version of SQL server you are targeting, or if it is the Azure platform
  • Try to keep any code samples simple and specific to the individual problem - create a new post for each discrete problem
  • Do tell us your preferred language - C# or VB.NET.
  • Do NOT email us or private message us asking to look at a forum post. We are aware of which posts are unanswered. If we haven't answered it's probably because we're busy - we'll get to your posts as soon as we can.

If we do solve your problem or answer your question to your satisfaction, please mark the topic as solved using the "accept this answer" icon on the post (probably not your own post) which answers your question to your satisfaction. If we do answer and consider the response to be an acceptable answer and you do not respond to the topic within 7 days, we will mark the topic as solved for you.

EDIT: There seems to be nobody marking their posts as answered/solved. Below is a screenshot of the button you need to click against the post which answers your question (it's the green tick button)- if you can't see it - let us know - if you can, then please press that button on the post which you think answers or resolves your question/issue ! If after marking it as answered you find it wasn't really answered you can come back and mark it as unanswered - the same button will appear as a red tick - click that to signify it is no longer solved.

Mark as solved

Mike Sheen
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If I do answer your question to your satisfaction, please mark it as the post solving the topic so others with the same issue can readily identify the solution
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