Updating GST rates when copying orders/quotes

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Updating GST rates when copying orders/quotes

Postby pricerc » Wed Apr 10, 2019 1:34 pm

While it hasn't happened in Australia (yet), it has happened twice in New Zealand, and given our current government's penchant for taxes, it has a more than fighting chance of happening again:

A change to the GST rate.

We don't need it in at the moment, but I had some old JIWA 6 breakout code to address this from the last GST rate change here in NZ:

When copying a sales order or quote, if there has been a change in the GST rate since the source document was created, then the new document should get the new GST rate.

Ideally, GST should be a bit like currency - have a table of 'Start Date', 'End Date' and 'Rate'.

But given the slow rate of GST rate change, it might be easier be to add a 'Start Date', 'End Date' and 'Replacement TaxID' field. So if a tax code has 'expired', you can look up its replacement - in a kind of linked-list.

DescriptionRateEffective FromEffective UntilReplaced By
GST In (10%)10.002000-01-012003-12-31GST In (12.5%)
GST In (12.5%)12.502004-01-012009-12-31GST In (15%)
GST In (15%)15.002010-01-01

(note: not the actual dates :) )

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